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Center for Microtechnologies
Research topics

Research Topics

The ZfM carries out basic research, practical joint projects and direct research & development orders for the industry in the following fields:

  • Basic technologies and components for microsystems and nanosystems (sensors, actuators, arrays)
  • Design of components and systems
  • Micro and nano electronics (back-end of line, reliability)
  • Nanotechnologies, nanocomponents and ultrathin functional layers

ZfM has about 1000m2 of cleanrooms with equipment for mask and wafer processes. An e-beam lithography with minimum feature sizes lower than 0.1 μm is available. The new cleanroom (class 10 / ISO 4) has been built within the building of the Institute of Physics. It was completed in 2007. The old cleanroom facilities have been reconstructed in 2001/02 with funding by the Free State of Saxony provide a modern environment for research and development. Wafers with a diameter of 100mm, 150 mm and 200 mm can be processed.

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