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Center for Microtechnologies
DFG-Research Unit 1713 "Sensoric Micro and Nanosystems"

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DFG-Research Unit 1713
"Sensoric Micro- and Nanosystems"

One of the major trends of the semiconductor industry which was identified by the international technology roadmap for semiconductors (ITRS) is called More than Moore and means the integration of different technologies and functionalities, for enabling signal and information processing as well as the interaction with the environment in a miniaturized system. These smart systems contain digital and analog electronics, sensors and actuators, radio frequency and high voltage modules or biotechnology. The miniaturization of the components and the utilization of nanotechnology enable new or enhanced functionalities. Our research group initiative aims on such trendsetting micro- and nanotechnological concepts which are related to More than Moore. In the center of our interest are the integration of nanostructures and novel materials as well as the spatial and functional integration of heterogeneous components in micro and nano systems.
The realization of the research goals is tracked by three technological routes:


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