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International Research Training Group
Study Programm

Materials and Concepts for Advanced Interconnects

Study Program

Specific to the International Research Training Group a study program is intended to complement and extend the individual specialization within the participating groups. Designed as an accompanying program of informal course work, seminars, laboratory courses and lectures that are tailored to the students' needs, the program aims to:

  • provide the graduate students with advanced methodological knowledge and complementary individual specialties, thus providing a comprehensive understanding of the subject area of their thesis and its context,
  • provide a common basis of skills and knowledge for graduates from different disciplines,
  • encourage mobility,
  • support participation in activities of the scientific community,
  • promote the cooperation of graduates and their participation in the management of the IRTG,
  • provide transferable skills and competences,
  • monitor the students' progress.

Structure of the study program

Structure of the study program.

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