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Press Releases

Als Gastwissenschaftler in Shanghai Press release of 26 July 2012 (in German)
Ideenaustausch in der Hauptstadt Press release of 25 July 2012 (in German)
IRTG-Sommerschule in Shanghai Press release of 28 April 2011 (in German)
Leidenschaft Nanotechnologie (A Passion for Nanotechnology) TU-Spektrum 1/2011, p. 12 (in German)
Internationale Kooperation für die Nanosysteme der Zukunft Press release of 30 July 2010 (in German)
Doktorandenaustausch mit China Press release of 12 June 2007 (in German)
Going West: Doktoranden und Professoren aus Shanghai sind zu Gast in Chemnitz Press release of 14 November 2006 (in German)
Deutsch-chinesische Impulse für die Nanotechnologie Article in "TU-Spektrum", Issue 2/2006 (in German)
Materialien und Technologien für die Nanoelektronik von morgen Press release of 7 July 2006 (in German)
Deutsch-chinesische Forschungsimpulse für die Nanotechnologie Press release of 2 February 2006 (in German)
High demand for structured doctoral programmes DFG press release of 19 December 2005

Press Articles

  • New Appointments to the University

    Two professors appointed to Chemnitz University of Technology by the President on May 15, 2021 …

  • Construction Begins for New Campus Sports Hall

    New laboratory and gymnasium complex to be built in the next three years - study and research conditions to improve significantly …

  • Foundations Laid for Ultrafast Magnetic Memory

    International research team with participants from Chemnitz University of Technology observes ultra-fast motion in ferromagnetic thin film systems for the first time - Publication in Nature Physics …

  • The End of the United Kingdom?

    On May 6, 2021, Scotland will elect a new parliament - Prof. Dr. Klaus Stolz, Professorship of British and American Cultural/Social Studies at Chemnitz University of Technology, looks at the upcoming parliamentary election in Scotland and its possible consequences. …

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