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Year 2024

Haase,M.; Dittmar,N.; Kneidinger,A.; Schuster,P.; Bachhuber,F.; Helke,C.; Reuter,D.: Combining nano-scale imprint lithography and reactive ion etching to fabricate high-quality surface relief gratings. Advanced Fabrication Technologies for Micro/Nano Optics and Photonics XVII, Proc. SPIE 12898 (2024) p 128980L
Helke,C.; Seiler,J.; Meinig,M.; Grossmann,T.D.; Bonitz,J.; Haase,M.; Zimmermann,S.; Ebermann,M.; Kurth,S.; Reuter,D.; Hiller,K.: Integration of (Poly-Si/Air)n Distributed Bragg Reflectors in a 150 mm Bulk Micromachined Wafer-Level MOEMS Fabrication Process.. IEEJ Trans Elec Electron Eng.
Hofmann,C.; Wuensch,D.; Otto,T.; Kraeusel,V.; Landgrebe,D.; Froehlich,A.; Kroll,M.; Kimme,J.: Verfahren zum Erwärmen einer Vielzahl von elektrisch leitfähigen Strukturen sowie Vorrichtung zur Verwendung in dem Verfahren. DE 10 2019 206 248 A1 AT 521456 B1
Huber,M.; Schuster,J.; Schmidt,O.G.; Kuhn,H.; Karnaushenko,D.: A Mechanical–Electrical Model to Describe the NegativeDifferential Resistance in Membranotronic Devices. Phys. Status Solidi Rapid Res. Lett., p 2300397
Jaeckel,L.; Zienert,A.; Zeun,A.; Seidel,A.-S.; Schuster,J.: Surface chemistry models for low temperature Si epitaxy process simulation in a single-wafer reactor . Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, 42, 2 (2024) p 022702
Langenickel,J.; Rodrıguez,L.P.; Martin,J.; Moebius,M.; Michaelis,D.; Munzert,P.; Weiss,A.; Danz,N.: Fabrication and characterization of quantum dot based LEDs with enhanced emission properties by micro cavities. SPIE OPTO, San Francisco, California, United States, 2024 Jan 25-30; Proceedings Volume 12906, Light-Emitting Devices, Materials, and Applications XXVIII
Lorenz,E.; Gehre,J.; Jaeckel,L.; Schuster,J.: Harnessing Particle Raytracing for Real-Time Vapor Deposition Simulations in Evolving Topographies . MNE, Berlin, 2023 Sep 26; Proceedings

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