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Moebius,M.: Nutzung der Photolumineszenz von Quantenpunkten für die Belastungsdetektion an Leichtbaumaterialien (Dissertation), pp 1-132 (ISBN https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:bsz:ch1-qucosa2-733614)
Vogel,K.; Hertel,S.; Hofmann,C.; Weiser,M.; Wiemer,M.; Kuhn,H.: Chapter Reactive Bonding. in the book: 3D and Circuit Integration of MEMS, ed. by Esashi,M. (2021) p 528 (ISBN 978-3-527-34647-9)


Albrecht,J.; Reuther,G.M.; Dudek,R.; Rzepka,S.: About the Adhesion of Critical Interfaces in Microelectronics – A Reverse Finite Element Modelling Approach based on Nanoindentation for Interface Characterization. EPTC 2021; Talk/Presentation (ohne Tagungsbericht)
Almeida,M.; Sharma,A.; Matthes,P.; Koehler,N.; Busse,S.; Mueller,M.; Hellwig,O.; Horn,A.; Zahn,D.R.T.; Salvan,G.; Schulz,S.E.: Laser induced crystallization of Co–Fe–B films. Scientific Reports, 11 (2021) p 14104
Amrouch,H.; Gebregiorgis,A.; Du,N.; Hamdioui,S.; Polian,I.: Towards Reliable In-Memory Computing: From Emerging Devices to Post-von-Neumann Architectures. 29th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI-SoC’21), Singapur (virtuell); 29th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI-SoC’21)
Baum,M.; Froemel,J.; Hofmann,C.; Wiemer,M.; Hiller,K.; Kuhn,H.: (Invited) Technologies for Power Device Packaging by using Solid Liquid Interdiffusion Bonding - SLID. 10th IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan (ICSJ2021), Kyoto (hybrid), 2021 Nov 10-12; Proceedings, Session 5: Assembly and Bonding Techniques, I-14 (2021)
Baum,M.; Meinecke,C.; Blaudeck,T.; Helke,C.; Reuter,D.; Hiller,K.; Hermann,S.; Schulz,S.E.; Kuhn,H.: Bridging the gap: Perspectives of nanofabrication technologies for application-oriented research. J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 39, 062805 (2021), 39, 6 (2021) pp 1-9
Baum,M.; Selbmann,F.; Saeidi,N.; Meinecke,C.; Blaudeck,T.; Reuter,D.; Helke,C.; Weiss,A.; Wiemer,M.; Hiller,K.; Kuhn,H.: (Invited) How to implement “nano” in everyday life? Nano fabrication technologies in application oriented research and development. Conference on Electron, Ion and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication​ - EIPBN, online, 2021 Jun 1-4; Proceedings, pp 1-2
Bhat,V.J.; Vegesna,S.V.; Kiani,M.; Zhao,X.; Blaschke,D.; Du,N.; Vogel,M.; Kluge,S.; Raff,J.; Huebner,U.; Skorupa,I.; Rebohle,L.; Schmidt,H.: Detecting Bacterial Cell Viability in Few µL Solutions from Impedance Measurements on Silicon-Based Biochips. International Journal of Molecular Science, 22, 7 (2021) p 3541
Blaudeck,T.; Meinecke,C.; Steenhusen,S.; Reuter,D.; Schulz,S.E.; Zenkevich,E.I.; Korten,T.: Computation with biological molecules -an alternative approach in information technologies. MATHEMATISCHE METHODEN IN TECHNIK UND TECHNIK, 9 (2021) pp 56-60 (ISSN 2712-8873)
Doering,R.; Dudek,R.; Rzepka,S.; Scheiter,L.; Noack,E.; Seiler,B.: Design for Reliability of Automotive Chip Scale Packages by Calibrated Virtual Prototyping. ASME InterPACK 2021, virtual, 2021 Oct 26-28; Proceedings (ISBN 978-0-7918-8550-5)
Du,N.; Schmidt,H.; Polian,I.: Low-power emerging memristive designs towards secure hardware systems for applications in internet of things. Nano Materials Science, 3, 2 (2021) pp 186-204 (ISSN 2589-9651)
Du,N.; Zhao,X.; Chen,Z.; Choubey,B.; Di Ventra,M.; Skorupa,I.; Buerger,D.; Schmidt,H.: Synaptic Plasticity in Memristive artificial synapses and their robustness against noisy inputs. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 16 (2021) p 696
Du,Nan; Schmidt,Heidemarie; Polian,Ilia: Low-power emerging memristive designs towards secure hardware systems for applications in internet of things. Nano Materials Science
Dudek,R.; Doering,R.; Mathew,A.; Rzepka,S.: Modelling thermal fatigue in power electronics based on strength- and damage criteria 8th European Expert Workshop on Reliability of Electronics and Smart Systems. EuWoRel, Berlin (Germany), 2021 Okt 13-14; Proceedings
Dudek,R.; Doering,R.; Rzepka,S.; Gromala,P.; Schindele,J.; Vandevelde,B.: Studies on Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of High Performance Vehicle Computers Based on a Mock-up System. 2021 22nd International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems (EuroSimE), virtual conference, St. Julian (Malta), 2021 Apr 19-21; Proceedings (ISBN 978-1-6654-1373-2, 978-1-6654-1374-9)
Dudek,R.; Doering,R.; Rzepka,S.; Schindele,J.; Gromala,P.: Thermo-mechanical Analyses on Mounted Flip-Chip BGA Applicable in High Performance Vehicle Computers. 2021 IEEE REPP Symposium, virtual/hybrid, Silicon Valley (USA), 2021 Nov. 12; Proceedings
Echresh,A.; Arora,H.; Fuchs,F.; Zichao,L.; Huebner,R.; Prucnal,S.; Schuster,J.; Zahn,P.; Helm,M.; Shengqiang,Z.; Erbe,A.; Rebohle,L.; Georgiev,Y.M.: Electrical Characterization of Germanium Nanowires Using a Symmetric Hall Bar Configuration: Size and Shape Dependence. Nanomaterials, 11, 11 (2021) p 2917
Fiedler,H.; Fuchs,F.; Leveneur,J.; Nancarrow,M.; Mitchell,D.R.G.; Schuster,J.; Kennedy,J.: Giant Piezoelectricity of Deformed Aluminum Nitride Stabilized through Noble Gas Interstitials for Energy Efficient Resonators. Advanced Electronic Materials, 7, 8 (2021) p 2100358
Friedemann,M; Meinel,K.; Voigt,S.; Hecker,R.; Hiller,K.; Stoeckel,C.; Mehner,J.: Pressure Sensor Catheter based on Micromachined Aluminum Nitride Membrane Fiber Tip Fabry-Pérot-Interferometer. International Conference on Applied Electronics
Fuchs,F.; Khan,M.B.; Ghosh,S.; Pohl,D.; Loeffler,M.; Georgiev,Y.M.; Schuster,J.; Erbe,A.; Mikolajick,T.; Gemming,S.: Atomic structure of NiSi2-Si interfaces and the relationship to the Schottky barrier height. EUROPEAN CONGRESS AND EXHIBITION ON ADVANCED MATERIALS AND PROCESSES - EUROMAT 2021, online, 2021 September 13-17; Talk
Gadhiya,G.; Kuisma,H.; Rzepka,S.: Virtual Prototyping for System-in-Package with Heterogeneous Integration: Enabler for Shorter Time-to-Market. SEMICON Europa 2021: Advanced Packaging ForumProjekt: EuroPAT-MASIP, 2021 Feb 16; Proceedings/Talk
Golmohammadi,S.; Ding,Y.; Kuechler,M.; Reuter,D.; Schlueter,S.; Amro,M.; Geistlinger,H.: Impact of wettability and gravity on fluid displacement and trapping in representative 2D micromodels of porous media (2D sand analogs). Water Resour. Res., e2021WR029908 (2021)
Hedayat,C.; Kaufmann,I.; Hilleringmann,U.; Deutschmann,P.: ''System-Level considerations for the modelling, the design and the characterization of PLL-Devices. 19th IEEE Interregional NEWCAS Conference, Toulon (France), virtual conference, 2021 Jun 13-16; Proceedings
Hedman,D.; Rothe,T.; Johansson,G.; Sandin,F.; Larsson,J.A.; Miyamoto,Y.: Impact of training and validation data on the performance of neural network potentials: A case study on carbon using the CA-9 dataset. Carbon Trends, 3 (2021) p 100027
Hofmann,C.; Baum,M.; Satwara,M.; Kroll,M.; Panhale,S.; Rochala,P.; Paul,S.; Oi,K.; Murayama,K.; Wiemer,M.; Kuhn,H.: Silver sintering technology based on induction heating for chip level bonding. 10th IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan (ICSJ2021), Kyoto (hybrid), 2021 Nov 10-12; Proceedings, Session 5: Assembly and Bonding Techniques, 43 (2021)
Huber,M.; Zienert,A.; Weigel,P.; Schueller,M.; Berger,H.-R.; Schuster,J.; Otto,T.: Optimization of synthetic jet actuation by analytical modeling. Aircr. Eng. Aerosp. Technol., 93, 4 (2021) pp 558-565
Jaeckel,L.; Zienert,A.; Zeun,A.; Seidel,A-S.; Schuster,J.: Coupled CFD and surface chemistry modeling of a Si epitaxy process in a single wafer reactor. EUROPEAN CONGRESS AND EXHIBITION ON ADVANCED MATERIALS AND PROCESSES - EUROMAT 2021, online, 2021 September 13-17; Talk
Kaufmann,I.R.; Zerey,O.; Meyers,T.; Reker,J.; Vidor,F.F.; Hilleringmann,U.: A study about Schottky Barrier Height and ideality factor in Thin Film Transistors with Metal/Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles structures aiming flexible electronics application. Nanomaterials, 11, 15 (2021) p 1188 (ISSN 2079-4991)
Kuhn,E.; Roehlig,D.; Sowade,E.; Rittrich,D.; Willert,A.; Schulz,S.E.; Baumann,R.R.; Thraenhardt,A,; Blaudeck,T.: Disorder explains dual-band reflection spectrum in spherical colloidal photonic supraparticle assemblies (Front Cover). Nano Select, pp 1-12 (ISSN 2688-4011)
Kuhn,E.; Roehlig,D.; Sowade,E.; Rittrich,D.; Willert,A.; Schulz,S.E.; Baumann,R.R.; Thraenhardt,A.; Blaudeck,T.: Disorder explains dual-band reflection spectrum in spherical colloidal photonic supraparticle assemblies. Nano Select, 2, 12 (2021) pp 2461-2472 (ISSN 2688-4011)
Langenickel,J.; Martin,J.; Weiss,A.; Otto,T.; Kuhn,H: Influence of the organic hole transport layer on the dynamics of quantum dot-based light-emitting diodes. SPIE OPTO, San Francisco, March; Proceedings, Volume 11706, Light-Emitting Devices, Materials, and Applications XXV (2021)
Langenickel,J.; Weiss,A.; Martin,J.; Otto,T.; Kuhn,H: Investigating the Dynamics of Quantum Dot based Light-emitting Diodes with different emission wavelength. Smart Systems Integration, Grenoble, France, 27-29 April 2021; Proceedings
Lorenz,E.; Schuster,J.: A Multiscale Simulation Method for Deposition Processes. EUROPEAN CONGRESS AND EXHIBITION ON ADVANCED MATERIALS AND PROCESSES - EUROMAT 2021, online, 2021 September 13-17
Mathew,A.; Dudek,R.; Otto,A.; Scherf,C.; Rzepka,S.; Subbiah,N.; Rane,K.A.; Wilde,J.: Lifetime modelling of sintered silver interconnected power devices by FEM and experiment, Projekt Sinter. EurosimE, Virtual Event, 2021 Apr 19-22; Proceedings (ISBN 978-1-6654-1373-2 , 978-1-6654-1374-9)
Mitra,D.; Thalheim,R.; Zichner,R.: Inkjet Printed Heating Elements Based on Nanoparticle Silver Ink with Adjustable Temperature Distribution for Flexible Applications. Physica Status Solidi A , 218, 17 (2021) (ISSN 1862-6319)
Motevich,I.G.; Zenkevich,E.I.; Stroyuk,A.L.; Raevska,O.E.; Kulikova,O.M.; Sheinin,V.B.; Koifman,O.I.; Zahn,D.R.T.; Strekal,N.D.: Influence of the pH and Polyelectrolytes on the Spectral-Kinetic Properties of AIS & ZnS Semiconductor Quantum Dots in Water Solutions. Journal of Applied Spectroscopy, 86, 6 (2021) pp 926-935 (ISSN 0514-7506)
Mwammenywa,I.; Kagarura,G.M.; Petrov,D.; Holle,P.; Hilleringmann,U.: LoRa-based Demand-side Load Monitoring and Management System for Microgrids in Africa. International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Energy Technologies (ICECET), Cape Town (South Africa); Proceedings
Otto,A.; Dudek,R.; Kolas,K.; Mathew,A.; Scherf,C.; Rzepka,S.: Modelling the Lifetime of Heavy Wire-bonds in Power Devices – Concepts, Limitations and Challenges. 2021 20th IEEE Intersociety Conference on Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems (iTherm), San Diego, CA (USA), 2021 Jun 1-4; Proceedings, pp 670-678 (ISBN 978-1-7281-8539-2, 978-1-7281-8538-5, 978-1-7281-8540-8, 2694-2135, 1936-3958)
Otto,A.; Kaulfersch,E.; Singh,P.; Romano,C.; Hildebrandt,M.; Rzepka,S.: Prognostics and Health Management Features for Large Circuit Boards to Be Implemented Into Electric Drivetrain Applications, Projekt: SmartSTAR, EVC1000. Journal of Electronic Packaging Jun 2022, 144, 2 (2021) p 021106 (9 pages) (ISSN 1043-7398)
Pantou,R.; Dudek,R.; Richter-Trummer,S.O.; Hildebrandt,M.; Rzepka,S.: Comprehensive set of validation methods for thermo-mechanical simulations: Deformation, Stress, Lifetime. REPP, Online, 2020 Nov; Proceedings/Talk
Petrov,D.; Hilleringmann,U.: Low-Power Primary Cell with Water-Based Electrolyte for Powering of Wireless Sensors, Advances in Science. Technology and Engineering Systems Journal (ASTESJ), 6, 5 (2021) pp 267-272 (ISSN 2415-6698)
Petrov,D.; Kroschewski,K.; Hilleringmann,U.: Microcontroller Firmware Design for Industrial Wireless Sensors. 2021 Smart Systems Integration (SSI), Grenoble (France), 2021 Apr 27-29; Proceedings, pp 1-4 (ISBN 978-1-6654-4092-9, 978-1-6654-3117-0)
Petrov,D.; Kroschewski,K.; Mwammenywa,I.; Kagarura,G.M.; Hilleringmann,U.: Low-Cost NB-IoT Microgrid Power Quality Monitoring System. IEEE Sensors 2021, Sydney (Australia), 2021 Oct 31-Nov 4; Proceedings
Petrov,D.; Taron,K.F.; Hilleringmann,U.; Joubert,T.H.: Low-cost Sensor System for on-the-field Water Quality Analysis. 2021 Smart Systems Integration (SSI), Grenoble (France), April 2021 Apr 27-29; Proceedings, pp 1-4 (ISBN 978-1-6654-4092-9, 978-1-6654-3117-0)
Polian,I.; Altman,F.; Arul,T.; Boit,C.; Brederlow,R.; Davi,L.; Drechsler,R.; Du,N.; Eisenbarth,T.; Gueneysu,T.; Hermann,S.; Hiller,M.; Leupers,R.; Merchant,F.; Mussenbrock,T.: Nano Security: From Nano-Electronics to Secure Systems. 2021 Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE 2021), virtuell, 01.02.2021-05.02.2021; 2021 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE), pp 1334-1339
Pressel,K.; Moser,J.; Rzepka,S.; Brinkfeld,K.; Zhao,S.; van Driel,W.; Giammatteo,P.; Bulut,B.; Soyturk,M.; Pomate,L.: The H2020-ECSEL Project ”iRel40” (Intelligent Reliability 4.0). 24th Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD 2021) Projekt: iRel4.0, Palermo (Italy), Virtual Event, 2021 Sep 1-3; Proceedings, 1 (2021) pp 311-318 (ISBN 978-1-6654-2703-6, 978-1-6654-2704-3)
Ramon,E.; Sowade,E.; Martínez-Domingo,C.; Mitra,K.Y.; Alcalde,A.; Baumann,R.R.; Carrabina,J.: Large-scale fabrication of all-inkjet-printed resistors and WORM memories on flexible polymer films with high yield and stability. Flexible and Printed Electronics, 6, 1 (2021) pp 015003 (1-14) (ISBN 2058-8585 (online))
Reker,J.; Meyers,T.; Vidor,F.F.; Joubert,T.H.; Hilleringmann,U.: Influence of electrode metallization on thin-film transistor performance. 2021 IEEE AFRICON, Arusha, Tanzania (United Republic of), 2021 Sep 13-15; Proceedings (ISBN 978-1-6654-1984-0, 978-1-6654-1983-3, 978-1-6654-4748-5, 2153-0033, 2153-0025)
Reker,J.; Meyers,T.; Vidor,F.F.; Joubert,T.H.; Hilleringmann,U.: Complementary Inverter Circuits on Flexible Substrates. 2021 Smart Systems Integration (SSI), Grenoble (France), 2021 Apr 27-29; Proceedings (ISBN 978-1-6654-4092-9, 978-1-6654-3117-0)
Reker,J.; Vidor,F.F.; Joubert,T.H.; Hilleringmann,U.: Integration Routine for TFTs with Sub-µm Channel Length. 9th NRW Nano Conference – Virtual Edition, 2021 Apr 21-23; Proceedings/Talk
Reker,J.; Vidor,F.F.; Joubert,T.H.; Hilleringmann,U.: Complementary Transistor Integration for Metal Oxide Nanoparticle Inverter Circuits. 9th NRW Nano Conference – Virtual Edition, 2021 Apr 21-23; Proceedings/Talk
Reker,J; Meyers,T.; Vidor,F.F.; Joubert,T.H.; Hilleringmann,U.: Integration Process for Self-aligned Sub-µm Thin-Film Transistors for Flexible Electronics. 2021 IEEE International Conference on Flexible and Printable Sensors and Systems (FLEPS), Manchester (United Kingdom), 2021 Jun 23-23; Proceedings (ISBN 978-1-7281-9173-7, 978-1-7281-9174-4)
Reuther,C.; Steenhusen,S.; Meinecke,C.; Surendiran,P.; Salhotra,A.; Lindberg,F.; Manson,A.; Linke,H.; Diez,St.: Molecular motor-driven filament transport across three-dimensional, polymeric micro-junctions. New Journal of Physics, 23 (2021)
Reuther,G.M.; Albrecht,J.; Pufall,R.; Dudek,R.; Rzepka,S.: Determining adhesion of critical interfaces in microelectronics – A reverse Finite Element Modelling approach based on nanoindentation – Part II. EuroSimE 2021, 2021 Apr 19-22; Talk/Presentation (ohne Tagungsbericht)
Riegel,D.; Gromala,P.J.; Hang,B.; Rzepka,S.: Data-Driven Remaining Useful Life Prediction of QFN Packages on Board Level with On-Chip Stress Sensors. IEEE 71st Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC 2021) Projekt: SmartSTAR, San Diego, CA (USA), 2021 Jun 1-Jul 4; Proceedings (ISBN 978-1-6654-4097-4, 978-1-6654-3120-0, 2377-5726, 0569-5503)
Riegel,D.; Gromala,P.J.; Hang,B.; Rzepka,S.: Machine learning based meta-models for sensorless thermal load prediction. 20th IEEE Intersociety Conference on Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems (iTherm 2021), San Diego, CA (USA), 2021 Jun 1-4; Proceedings, Projekt: SmartSTAR (ISBN 978-1-7281-8539-2, 978-1-7281-8538-5, 978-1-7281-8540-8, 2694-2135, 1936-3958)
Riegel,D.; Gromala,P.J.; Rzepka,S.: Analysis of the stress state in QFN package during four bending experiment utilizing piezoresistive stress sensor. 22nd International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems (EuroSimE 2021) Projekt: SmartSTAR, St. Julian (Malta), 2021 Apr 19-21; Proceedings (ISBN 978-1-6654-1373-2, 978-1-6654-1374-9)
Riegel,D.; Gromala,P.J.; Rzepka,S.: Data-driven Prediction of the Remaining Useful Life of QFN Components Mounted on Printed Circuit Boards. 2021 International Conference and Exhibition on Smart Systems Integration (SSI 2021), Grenoble (France), 2021 Apr 27-29; Proceedings, Projekt: SmartSTAR (ISBN 978-1-6654-4092-9, 978-1-6654-3117-0)
Rochala,P.; Hofmann,C.; Kroll,M.; Panhale,S.; Satwara,M.; Kraeusel,V.; Hiller,K.: Chiplevel-Bonden durch induktives Silbersintern für die Leistungselektronik. Schweißen und Schneiden
Rochala,P.; Hofmann,C.; Kroll,M.; Wiemer,M.; Kraeusel,V.: Chip-level bonding for microelectronic components by induction sintering of micro structured Ag particles. XIX International UIE Congress on Evolution and New Trends in Electrothermal Processes - UIE, Pilsen, 2019 September 1-3; Proceedings, pp 85-86
Rothe,T.; Rizzi,L.; Koehne,M.; Stoll,M.; Schulz,S.E.; Schuster,J.: Material modeling for graphene-based nano-laminates – from network models to data-based approaches. EUROPEAN CONGRESS AND EXHIBITION ON ADVANCED MATERIALS AND PROCESSES - EUROMAT, online, 2021 September 13-17
Rzepka,S.: Self-awareness in Electronic Systems – The Path to Autonomous Applications . SEMI Packaging Technology Seminar, Hof (Germany), 20231 Sep 28-29; Proceedings/Talk
Saeidi,N.; Selvam,K.; Tortato,F.; Satwara,M.; Wiemer,M.: Characterization of Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducer (CMUT) for Targeted Applications in Harsh Environments. The 34th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems. MEMS 2021, Online, 2021 Jan 25-29; Proceedings, pp 1-4
Salhotra,A.; Zhu,J.; Surendiran,P.; Meinecke,C.; Lyttleton,R.; Usaj,M.; Lindberg,F.; Norrby,M.; Linke,H.; Manson,A.: Prolonged function and optimization of actomyosin motility for upscaled network-based biocomputation. New Journal of Physics, 23, 085005 (2021)
Schmidt,H.: Prospects for application of ferroelectric manganites with controlled vortex density. Applied Physics Letters, 118, 14 (2021)
Selbmann,F.; Baum,M.; Bobinger,M.; Gottwald,M.; Wiemer,M.; Kuhn,H.: Investigation of biocompatible Parylene as triboelectric layer for wearable energy harvesting. Biomed. Eng.-Biomed. Tech. 2021 - BMT, Hannover, 2021 Oct 5-7; Proceedings (Abstract and Presentation), 2021, 66(s1 (2021) p 39
Selbmann,F.; Baum,M.; Meinecke,C.; Wiemer,M.; Otto,T.; Joseph.Y.: (Invited) Parylene C Based Adhesive Bonding on 6" and 8" Wafer Level for the Realization of Highly Reliable and Fully Biocompatible Microsystems. ECS Meeting Abstracts, MA2020-02, 22 (2021) p 1616
Slawig,D.; Rizzi,L.; Rothe,T.; Schuster,J.; Tegenkamp,C.: Anisotropic transport properties of graphene-based conductor materials. Journal of Materials Science, 56 (2021) pp 1-8
Stoeckel,C.; Melzer,M.; Meinel,K.; Tittmann,J.; Tavakolibasti,M.; Forke,R.; Otto,T.; Kuhn,H.: Design and technology for uniform aluminum nitride piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers with radial array. 2021 Smart Systems Integration (SSI)
Zenkevich,E.I.; Blaudeck,T.; Sheinin,V.B.; Kulikova,O.; Selyshchev,O.; Dzhagan,V.; Koifman,O.; von Borczyskowski,C.; Zahn,D.R.T.: Self-Assembly of Semiconductor Quantum Dots with Porphyrin Chromophores: Energy Relaxation Processes and Biomedical Applications. Journal of Molecular Structure, 1244 (2021) p 131239 (ISSN 0022-2860)
Zenkevich,E.I.; Martin,J.; Ageeva,T.; Titov,V.; Stepanov,M.; von Borczyskowski,C.: Application of Laser Confocal Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Studies of Spatial Distribution of Porphyrin Molecules on Plasma-Deposited Polymer Films . КВАНТОВАЯ ЭЛЕКТРОНИКА. Материалы XIII Международной научно-технической конференции. Quantum Electronics. Materials of the XIIIth International Scientific Technical Conference., Minsk, 22.-26. November 2021 pp 305-308
Zenkevich,E.I.; Motevich,I.G.; Strekal,N.D.; Kachan,S.M.; Sheinin,V.B.; Dzhagan,V.N.; Zahn,D.R.T.: Self-Assembled Structures based on Porphyrin Nanotubes and Plasmon Nanoparticles: Formation, Morphology and Spectral-Kinetic Properties. Quantum Electronics XIII International Scientific-Technological Conference, Minsk (Republik Belarus), 2021 Nov 22-26; Proceedings, pp 152-156
Zhu,J.; Korten,T.; Kugler,H.; van Delft,F.; Mansson,A.; Reuter,D.; Diez,S.; Linke,H.: Physical requirements for scaling up network-based biocomputation. New J. Phys.

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