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Year 2023


Dick,D.; Fuchs,F.; Schuster,J.; Gemming,S.: Investigating the influence of stoichiometry fluctuations on the electronic properties of ultra-scaled HBTs. DPG-Frühjahrstagung , Dresden (Germany), 2023 Mar 26-31; Poster presentation
Dittmar,N.; Berger,B.; Melzer,M.; Kuechler,M.; Meinecke,C.; Haase,M.; Reuter,D.: Measuring Ion Energy Distributions by Retarding Field Energy Analyzer and Using Low-Energy Ions for Si-ALE by Cl2. IITC/MAM , Dresden, May 22-25; Proceedings, 26th (2023) p P19
Havryliuk,Y.; Dzhagan,V.; Anatolii,K.; Selyshchev,O.; Hann,J.; Zahn,D.R.T.: Raman Spectroscopy and Thermoelectric Characterization of Composite Thin Films of Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanocrystals Embedded in a Conductive Polymer PEDOT:PSS. Nanomaterials, 13, 1 (2023) p 41
Helke,C.; Reinhardt,M.; Arnold,M.; Schwenzer,G.; Haase,M.; Wachs,M.; Gossler,C.; Goetz,J.; Keppeler,D.; Wolf,B.; Schaeper,J.; Salditt,Tm; Moser,T.; Schwarz,U.T.; Reuter,D.: On the Fabrication and Characterization of Polymer-Based Waveguide Probes for Use in Future Optical Cochlear Implants. Materials, 16, 1 (2023) pp 1-17
Herd,T.; Streiter,R.; Langer,J.; Voigt,S.; Rothe,T.: Cable detection and position estimation in a camera-based drone guidance system for autonomous sensor node attachment on transmission lines. Smart Systems Integration Conference and Exhibition, Bruges (Belgium), 2023 March 28-30; Proceedings (accepted)
Hoffmann,M.; Schmitt,P.; Wittemeier,S.; Schaller,F.; Shaporin,A.; Stoeckel,C.; Geneiss,V.; Forke,R.; Hedayat,C.; Hilleringman,U.; Kuhn,H.; Zimmermann,S.: Storing MEMS interfaces without electrical auxiliary energy for long-time monitoring. 2023 IEEE 36th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Muenchen (Germany), 2023 Jan 15-19; Proceedings
Huber,M.; Hu,X.; Zienert,A.; Schuster,J.: Modeling the temporal evolution and stability of thin evaporating films for wafer surface processing . DPG-Frühjahrstagung, Dresden (Germany), 2023 Mar 26-31; Talk; Abstract in: Verhandlungen der DPG
Huber,M.; Zienert,A.; Schuster,J.: Modeling a Wet Wafer Surface Processing Chain. IITC / MAM, Dresden (Germany), 2023 May 22-25; Poster presentation
Jaeckel,L.; Zienert,A.; Lorenz,E.; Huber,M.; Schuster,J.: Multi-scale simulation of epitaxial processes. IITC / MAM, Dresden (Germany), 2023 May 22-25; Poster presentation
Joehrmann,N.; Stoeckel,C.; Wunderle,B.: MEMS Cantilever on High-Cycle Fatigue Testing of thin Metal Films. EuroSimE, Graz, Austria, 16-19 April 2023; 2023 24th International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems (EuroSimE)
Margherita Bolognesi; Mario Prosa; Michael Toerker; Laura Lopez Sanchez; Martin Wieczorek; Alexander Elferink; Emilia Benvenuti; Paola Pellacani; Morschhauser,A.; Mark Whatton; Etienne Haenni; David Kallweit; Franco Marabelli; Jeroen Peters; Stefano Toffanin: A fully Integrated Miniaturized Optical Biosensor for Fast and Multiplexing Plasmonic Detection of high- and Low-molecular Weight Analytes. Advanced Materials, p Accepted Author Manuscript 2208719
Meinecke,C.; Heldt,G.; Blaudeck,T.; Lindberg,F.W.; van Delft,F.C.M.J.M.; Rahman,M.A.; Salhotra,A.; Mansson,A.; Linke,H.; Korten.T.; Diez,S.; Reuter,D.; Schulz,S.E.: Nanolithographic Fabrication Technologies for Network-Based Biocomputation Devices. Materials, 16, 1 (2023)
Rodemund,T.; Teichert,F.; Hentschel,M.; Schuster,J.: Quantum transport in graphene nanoribbon networks: complexity reduction by a network decimation algorithm. New Journal of Physics, 25 (2023) p 013001
Rothe,T.; Schaal,S.; Langer,J.; Schuster,J.; Sampurno,J.; Philipossian,A.; Stoll,M.; Gottfried,K.; Kuhn,H.: Can empirical physics models improve machine learning performance using planarization data?. 21st European Advanced Process Control and Manufacturing Conference (apc|m), Bruges (Belgium), 2023 March 28-30; Oral presentation
Rothe,T.; Zienert,A.; Gottfried,K.; Schuster,J.; Shaporin,A.; Langer,J.; Stoll,M.; Kuhn,H.: Towards knowledge-enhanced process modeling for CMP. European CMP & WET Users Group Meeting, Buchs (Switzerland), 2023 Apr 20-21; Oral Presentation
T.Joseph; Fuchs,F.; Schuster,J.: Electronic structure simulation of thin silicon layers: Impact of orientation, confinement, and strain. Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, 146 (2023) p 115522 (ISSN 1386-9477)
Zienert,A.; Langer,J.; Rothe,T.; Wachner,D.; Hofmann,L.; Gottfried,K.: Automatic Analysis of CMP Dishing in Via Arrays from AFM Images. European CMP & WET Users Group Meeting, Buchs (Switzerland), 2023 Apr 20-21; Oral Presentation

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