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Center for Microtechnologies


  • High aspect ratio (HAR) technologies for high-precision capacitive MEMS: Airgap Insulation of Microstructures (AIM), Single Crystal Reactive Etching and Metallization (SCREAM), Bonding and Deep Reactive Ion Etching (BDRIE)
  • Bulk technologies
  • Piezo-MEMS technologies
  • Thin film encapsulation
  • MEMS packaging (0 and 1st level) and 3D integration
  • Copper metallization (barrier, seed, fill)
  • Low-k and ULK dielectrics (processes, integration)
  • New materials and thin film processes
  • Development and conceptual design of integration schemes
  • Modeling and simulation of processes and equipment
  • CNT-based interconnects
  • Prototyping and assembling of (micro)fluidic systems
  • Peripheral systems (instruments, electronics, software)
  • Microfluidic systems based on silicon, glass, polymers, metals
  • Liquid-based microfluidics
    • (Bio)sensor integration
    • Assay integration
    • Integration of actuators (micro pumps, valves, heater)
  • Gas-based microfluidics
    • Gas-fluidic actuators (SJA / PJA) and transducers
    • Prototyping and assembling of gas-based microfluidics for wind tunnel tests
  • Nano lithography
    • Electron beam lithography
    • Nano imprint lithography
  • Layer-based technologies
    • Nanocomposites (semiconducting metal oxides, quantum dot-based layers)
    • Magnetic field sensors (multi-dimensional GMR sensors, microstructuring, laser annealing)
    • Memristive components (functional multilayers, circuit technologies)
    • Packaging with thin, exothermic metal layers
  • 1D technologies
    • CNT functionality on wafer-level (coating, patterns, heterogenous integration)
    • CNT material: type-selective CVD, material purification, assembly
    • CNT-based piezoresistive sensor
    • CNT-based FETs for sensors
    • CNT-FETs for high-frequency applications
  • Sheet- and web-based printing processes up to pilot scale (aerosol jet, inkjet, screen printing, gravure, dispensing)
  • Printing of functional inks on flexible and rigid substrates with 2D and 3D surfaces
  • Functionality formation by sintering of printed patterns
  • Integration of printing technologies in manufacturing environments
  • Design and printing-based manufacturing of tailor-made flexible thin film batteries
  • Design, simulation, printing and characterization of customized antennas (RFID, WLAN, Bluetooth, LTE, UMTS,...)

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