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The particular strength of the Center for Microtechnologies and the Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS lies in the development of smart integrated systems for different applications. These systems combine electronic components with nano and micro sensors as well as actuators, communication units and self-sufficient power supply. Center of Microtechnologies develops together with Fraunhofer ENAS single components, processes and technologies for their manufacturing as well as system concepts and system integration technologies and helps to transfer them into production.

Step by step project success

The institute offers a complete research and development service portfolio, starting from the idea, via design and technology development or realization based on established technologies to tested prototypes. If standard components do not meet the requirements, we provide prompt help in the realization of innovative and marketable solutions. Moreover, we observe technological trends and markets. Based on our knowledge and technologies, feasibility studies can be carried out.

ZfM provides services in the development of single processes, complete technologies, components as well as systems depending on the needs of each customer:

  • Design, technology, simulation, modeling and test of MEMS/NEMS
  • Integration of nano functionalities, e. g. CNTs, quantum dots, spintronics, memristors
  • Methods and technologies for wafer-to-wafer and chip-to-wafer bonding
  • Packaging and integration for MEMS and electronic components
  • Metallization: interconnect systems for micro and nanoelectronics and 3D integration
  • Beyond CMOS technologies
  • Simulation and modeling of devices, processes and equipment for micro and nano systems
  • Material and reliability research
  • Analytics for materials, processes, components and systems
  • High-performance / high-precision sensors and actuators
  • Development of printed functionalities for electronic applications
  • Application-specific wireless data and energy systems
  • Development of microfluidic systems and biosensor integration
  • Sensor and actuator systems with control units, integrated electronics, embedded software and user interface
  • Reliability of components and systems

ZfM maintains a close cooperation with the Fraunhofer ENAS. Both facilities share their infrastructure including laboratories, clean rooms and equipment.

Clean rooms

The ZfM facilities include a 1000 m² cluster of clean rooms (300 m² of them are class ISO 4). Modern equipment is installed for processing wafers as well as design and testing laboratories. The building of Fraunhofer ENAS possesses 1400 m² of laboratories including 380 m² of improved cleanness.

Size: 150 mm, 200 mm
Material: silicon, glass (on request: ceramics, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate, sapphire, silicon carbide and germanium)

Chemnitz Inkjet Technikum

In the cooperation the Fraunhofer ENAS and the Chemnitz University of Technology jointly operate the Chemnitz Inkjet Technikum to offer a wide range of research and development services in the field of digital inkjet printing of functional inks. With its extensive research experience in the field of printed functionalities, such as RFID antennas, batteries and hierarchically structured membranes, the Inkjet Technikum is the ideal partner for beginners and for parties seeking support in basic research, new applications and lab-to-fab transfer.

SEM image of a gyroscope structure


Cluster tool for deposition processes


Scanning electron microscope


Simulation lab at Fraunhofer ENAS

Design, Simulation and Modeling

MEMS active probe


ASTROSE sensor node in field test

Demonstrators and Prototypes

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