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Center for Microtechnologies
Chair Circuit and System Design

Chair Circuit and System Design

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heinkel

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Heinkel

Phone +49 (0)371 531 24310
Fax +49 (0)371 531 24319


Main research topics

  • Design of ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays)
  • Design of heterogeneous systems (MEMS) in cooperation with the Chairs of the Center for Microtechnologies
  • Formal specification/verification and simulation methodologies for digital, analog and heterogeneous systems with VHDL, VHDL-AMS, SystemC, SystemCAMS, SystemVerilog, PSL
  • Efficient communication (Car2X, application of wireless networks, ad-hoc networks, network management, bandwidth reduction with digital image processing, localization algorithms)
  • E-Mobility
  • Applications for Ambient Assisted Living & Rehabilitation

Extended description of Research topics

During many years of work in the area of circuit and system design, a huge knowledge in application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) design has been accumulated. Special know-how and experience exist in the field of PLD and FPGA (field programmable gate arrays) design and application. Many different systems have been designed, e.g. systems for real time processing, rapid prototyping systems for image processing, vibration pattern recognition systems and coupling of simulators and emulators. Research areas include:

  • System design of heterogeneous micro systems in cooperation with the the Center of Microtechnologies
  • Research work in logic and system design and application of FPGAs and PLDs »» High performance arithmetic for different special purposes (e.g. MPEG video decoders, image compression, graphic controllers)
  • Design of re-usable components and IP (Intellectual Properties), development of design environments for re-usable components and applications
  • Specification capturing, formal specification with interface-based design methods
  • Development and application of a modular system (including graphical user interface) for real-time functions (inspection of textile surfaces, analysis of skin diseases, real time image processing, fuzzy classification systems)
  • Low power design
  • Methods to improve reliability and testability of systems
  • Design of analog and digital circuits and short-range communications for sensors (fracture and humidity detection, sports equipment)

Recently, the chair has 28 employees and additionally a Foundation Chair (Stiftungsprofessur für Systemzuverlässigkeit in Elektromobilität und Energiemanagement). Most of the employees work on application specific industrial research projects. Some of those projects, for example, are:

  • Freiluftlabor Neue Mobilität am Sachsenring (NeMo)
  • E-Motorrad, E-Bikes, E-Auto
  • Bildungsinitiative „Schaufenster Elektromobilität“ Bayern/Sachsen
  • Herbstschule mit IFX
  • Generische Infrastruktur zur nahtlosen energetischen Kopplung von Elektrofahrzeugen (GINKO)
  • passive Lokalisation von Fertigungsteilen mit RFID-Tags in Just-in-Sequence-Gestellen der Automobilzuliefererindustrie (PLoRFID)
  • Generische Plattform für Systemzuverlässigkeit und Verifikation (GPZV)
  • Batterielogger
  • intelligent Power Distribution Units (iPDU)
  • LTE: Monitoring von Mobilfunknetzen
  • Funknetzanalyse
  • EMV-Kammer

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