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MEMS applications

MEMS applications

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) are integrated systems that realize several technical functions with typical structure sizes in micron range. One actual trend is the integration of sensing and actuating as well as electronic devices in one system or even on a chip.

Recent R&D work uses more and more the advantages of nano technologies with the integration of new materials like nano composites, with metallic, semiconducting and dielectric nano particles as well as Carbon nanotubes (CNT). A further goal is the implementation of new operation principles by using nano specific technologies, e.g. nano imprinting. Especially growing industries like environment, energy and medical technology should be supported by new and innovative developments while nano systems research focused on large and flexible low-cost arrays, the integration of new functionalities like light emission, energy harvesting, bio-medical sensors and multifunctional systems.

In several basic and application-oriented research projects different designs and prototypes of sensors and actuators have been developed and fabricated in silicon bulk micromachining and near surface technology as well as in non-silicon technologies.

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