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Center for Microtechnologies
Microsystems / MEMS / MOEMS

Microsystems / MEMS / MOEMS

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) are integrated systems that realize several technical functions with typical structure sizes in micron range. One actual trend is the integration of sensing and actuating as well as electronic devices in one system or even on a chip.

Micro- and Nanosystems technologies are getting more and more important because of their broad application fields, the possibility to decrease costs through miniaturization and highest integration, and at least increase reliability at all.

For that, high productive and efficient micro electronics processes allow the integration of mechanical, optical, fluidic and other precision mechanical components for designing, developing and fabricating sensors and actuators.

In several basic and application-oriented research projects different designs and prototypes of sensors and actuators have been developed and fabricated in silicon bulk micromachining and near surface technology.

Examples of the scientists work are accurate accelerometer for airborne application, inclinometer and gyroscopes for automotive application, pressure and flow sensors for biomedical application as well as different types of micro mirrors for laser beam deflection. One main focus lies on a further development of a gyroscope in association with new bond technologies to increase both product and process quality.

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