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Carbon Nano Devices

Carbon Nano Devices

The Carbon Nano Devices has its R&D focus on industry compatible nanodevice technologies and the application of carbon-based nanomaterials in electronics and sensors. We concentrate on integration technologies and exploitation of the prospected high performance level of nanomaterials such as Carbon Nanotubes.

Our approach is a holistic consideration of the device process chain in the environment of a 200 mm research fab including the development of wafer-level tools for nanomaterial processing, control over material properties and assembly, process qualification and heterogeneous technologies for integration of new functions in ASIC, MEMS or System-on-a-Chip concepts.

In the current focus are nanomaterial-based FETs, high frequency CNT circuits for transceiver applications, integrated mechanical/biological/chemical sensors and flexible electronics & sensors.

The work is done in cooperation with

Within the past years a carbon nano device group has been established, managed by Dr. Sascha Hermann. More information and the contact details are given below.

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