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Center for Microtechnologies
Circuit and system design

Circuit and system design

During many years of work in the area of circuit and system design, an extensive knowledge in application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) design has been accumulated. Special know-how and experience exist in the field of PLD and FPGA (field programmable gate arrays) design and application. Many different systems have been designed, e.g. for real time processing, rapid prototyping systems for image processing, vibration pattern recognition systems and coupling of simulators and emulators. Research areas include:

  • System design of heterogeneous microsystems in co-operation with the Chair of Microsystems and Precision Engineering and the Center for Microtechnologies
  • Research work in logic and system design and application of FPGAs and PLDs
  • High performance arithmetic for different special purposes (e.g. MPEG video decoders, image compression, graphic controllers)
  • Design of re-usable components and IP (Intellectual Properties), development of design environments for re-usable components and applications
  • Specification capturing, formal specification with interface-based design methods
  • Utilization of fuzzy accelerators for recognition of vibration patterns and classification (noise analysis)
  • Development and application of a modular system (including graphical user interface) for real time functions (inspection of textile surfaces, analysis of skin diseases, real time image processing, fuzzy classification systems, controlling of projection systems)
  • Design and evaluation of high performance data path components
  • Low Power Design (system bus encoding techniques for reduced power dissipation)


Prof. Heinkel (Chair Circuit and System Design)

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